Client input is built into our design process, ensuring that your ideas are heard whether you're a residential or commercial client. Contact us to learn more!

We favor a rich, contemporary landscape design style that transforms landscape elements into functional art, based on sustainable design principles. If you browse our portfolio, you’ll see how we strive to make each design artistic yet functional, each landscape custom tailored to the needs of the client. You'll also see that no two designs are alike. Call us to talk about drafting landscape plans to make your dream a reality!

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Remodeling and Home Design
Remodeling and Home Design
Remodeling and Home Design

We create great landscape plans, but really plans are just the step between imagining your ideal landscape and bringing it to reality. The first landscape plans communicate concepts: what your new landscape can become. Later plans take the chosen concept, add detail and depth so that your landscape can be bidded and built, making your dream a reality.

At Luciole Design, we combine art with sustainable design principles to create easy-living landscapes. Our designers aren't just landscape architects; they're artists and photographers who blend principles of line, form and color and contrast to functional aspects of landscape design taught in landscape architecture.

The ideal landscape flows between elements, leading you through a series of experiences, spaces where you can entertain, relax, grow vegetables, cook, swim or take an outdoor nap. Your garden can match the style of your house, blending indoor and outdoor living spaces. It can also set off in another direction, complimenting the interior spaces without being tied to them to create new themes and colors.

Many sites have a historical dimension. The home may be an Eichler or a Carter Sparks creation, a mid-century modern classic whose landscape should reflect the ideals of simplicity and directness inherent in these homes. Perhaps it's Mediterranean, something enhanced by rich textures and colors in the hardscape. Perhaps it's simply your landscape, and you'd like it to reflect your lifestyle and taste.

If you're building your corporate campus, vineyard, office or other commercial building, the landscape is the first thing your clients will see, and we can design it to make a statement so that your company and its ideals stand out.

Please browse through our site, look at our ideas portfolio, read about us, walk through our design process.

Give us a call at 916.972.1809 or send us an e-mail to discuss how we can create your dream project!

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