Using irises in the garden

Our last post was about enjoying your irises; this article is about how to use them to best effect in your landscape design. Pacific Coast irises can be a bit fussy if they’re not in their preferred coastal climate, depending on which species were used to breed them. Some species come from the foothills, and […]

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Yellow irises

Many irises are great plants for water-saving Mediterranean gardens. Bearded iris and Pacific Coast Hybrids are happy with natural rainfall in winter and spring, then go mostly dormant during the dry months.

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Planting Irises

Irises are inconvenient. They bloom in spring, but should be planted in fall. With bearded iris, this means ordering after strolling though fields of blooming plants, ordering, and waiting until late August to get your plants and put them in the ground. For native iris, we purchased in spring, planted the pots, then removed the […]

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