Front yard living

There wasn’t much space for a patio in the back, the neighbors are friendly, so why not create a living space in the front yard? Hello, everyone! While adults dine on the deck, they can watch the kids play on swings under the tree. The wood is unstained sustainable Fijian mahogany, left to go gray […]

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France | winter scenes

Where summer is lush and leafy, winter brings out the bones. Buildings reemerge behind trees, objects are stripped to their base elements, and weather can surprise, transforming everything it touches to an alternate version of itself. Winter’s design elements are likewise skeletal: frosty twigs, ice and stone, silhouettes and fog. There’s mystery too, beyond what’s […]

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Nothing brings home the fact that we’ve received a lot of rain this year like a walk along the American River, where we find our usual plein air painting spots completely underwater. Officially, we’re still in a drought. All the water in the photographs is headed for the sea; it’s already likely passed through several […]

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New Front Yard

Sometimes it just takes a bit of structure to pull everything together. This front yard remodel created a seating space, enhanced curb appeal and incidentally removed unused lawn that just wasted water. Nobody will miss it. One goal was to create a clear, inviting pedestrian entry separate from the driveway. The new route also happened to […]

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Would you like to answer a survey?

Sometimes we wonder if we should create surveys. There might be some critical information floating out there that we’re missing. So, when someone calls with a survey, it’s an opportunity to see how the things are designed. What was my image of the company before? After? Worse after? Definitely. Could this be handled to improve […]

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The joy of “no work”

    Believe it or not I love it when the Luciole takes a break from landscaping when things are slow! Ok the fact that money entries are frozen for a while is a fact… quickly forgotten! In the meantime, the true fun begins. I paint, I splash papers with colors.  Images are coming to life […]

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Incredible Amazing!

Keep up with technology or fall behind. That’s what they say, and besides some of the stuff is pretty cool. What’s even more fun is hearing all the buzzwords they use to describe whatever they’re hawking. Can we use these magical words here, for landscape architecture? As the song says, come with me and we’ll be in a world […]

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