Water the birds, too

California’s drought replaces regular water with bare creek beds and depleted reservoirs. For small birds, staying clean and hydrated can be a challenge. Here’s how to help them out.  Designing a water feature for birds transforms a decorative garden feature into a survival aid. With food and water available in the same area, small birds save […]

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Got birds?

Many species of birds enjoy the wildlife garden in winter, moving through the garden’s different habitats in their daily routine.

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It’s bird-eat-bird out there

Funny how we tend to think that providing food and habitat in the garden will create some kind of harmonious place where everyone gets along, a kind of Bambi scenario where all the animals are friends. This wasn’t true with the insects, and it’s not the case with the birds, either. I found a broken […]

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It’s nesting season

If you look closely, you’ll find two mourning doves. One is sitting on their nest, a loose gathering of twigs that doesn’t look like it could support even a tiny egg, let alone a bird or sometimes two. Every year, a pair of mourning doves arrives at the river birch to start a family. Over […]

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