About this blog…

Welcome to the Luciole Design blog!

We hope you enjoy reading about whatever interests us: design, installation, an interesting new plant, results of how well something grew here (or didn’t). We’ll also write about trends, ideas, process and other topics related to landscape design.

The results of testing plants in our landscape will be posted here. We plant a lot of new introductions to see if they really can survive in our hot, dry summers and cold frosty winters. The first thing we learned is that many new plants aren’t as hardy as they’re supposed to be, although most are.

If we’re following a project in construction, this is where the progress photos will live. This might demystify the construction process and show how things come together after a contractor begins work. It’s kind of like putting together a cake – everything has to be done in a certain order and decorated attractively.

So, click through. Look at pictures, read the captions and enjoy.

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