About Luciole Design…

This view came from scanning the plan, scaling it and adding 3D elements. It's the same design as the axonometric view, only more accurate.
This is an example sketch for a front yard remodel.

We base our design philosophy on sustainable principles combined with art and livability. If your architecture has a strong style, we bring that style into the landscape to harmonize indoor and outdoor spaces. Our designs run the gamut from modern minimalist to rich Mediterranean, according to our client’s style.

The ideal landscape flows between elements, leading you through a series of experiences, spaces where you can entertain, relax, grow vegetables, cook, swim or take an outdoor nap. Your garden can match the style of your house, blending indoor and outdoor living spaces. It can also set off in another direction, complimenting the interior spaces without being tied to them to create new themes and colors.

We fit the design to your needs, from a complete makeover or landscaping a new property to a simple series of sketches to flesh out a design for a specific area.

If you’re doing a front yard lawn removal on a typical suburban lot, we can often complete the design in a sketch consult, providing a planting plan with species lists and conceptual plant positions.

For back yard landscaping, we typically draw more complete drawings, back yards are larger and typically have more elements than plants and paving. We establish a wish list, or program to choose what you’d like: vegetable area, edible landscaping, patio, entertainment center, water feature, fire pit, native plant garden, water conserving plants, a bit of lawn for the dog, a bocce court. Perhaps you’d like to add, remove or remodel a pool so that it flows with the rest of your back yard design.

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