Where do big trees come from? Big trucks!

These large boxed trees originated in multiple wholesale nurseries, who mark their logos on the boxes the trees are shipped in. In this case, two logos and a lot of unmarked boxes. The shade cloth protects the trees from being whipped by the wind, and keeps them a bit cooler, too. Considering that trees don’t normally fly down highways in 95 degree heat, this is a necessary thing.

CHILD: “Daddy, where do trees come from?”

FATHER: “Well,” he said, ruling his chin, “they come from seeds, acorns, nuts… and each different type of seed grows into a different type of tree”.

CHILD: “How do they get so big?”

FATHER: “Well, it takes…”

NARRATOR: In a big nursery, it takes lots of fertilizer and specially blended soils designed to maximize tree growth. The part about nuts and seeds is technically true – but trees don’t come to major instant landscapes as seeds. They come on giant semi trucks, tipped over and covered with shade cloth. 

Where are these trees going? Since they’re from different sources, transported by a trucking company, I suspect logistics arranged by a tree broker. This likely means huge project. Like maybe a new corporate campus in Cupertino, perhaps?