We’re in Hearth and Home magazine’s Outdoor Rooms special issue!

The Outdoor Room, a special issue showcasing exactly what it says: outdoor rooms. More specifically, outdoor rooms with cooking centers and fire features, mostly.

Our design had a challenge that was rather unique: we had to maintain access to the garage, and the owners had to be able to park a car behind the patio.

Bringing this all together is a galvanized steel shade structure that flickers in the firelight by night and casts circular dots onto the pavement and walls by day. Instead of lath, we used laser cut galvanized steel panels to create shade, fabricated locally.

Other intriguing items were gabion walls to divide the spaces, a large red metal sculpture and a second, “hidden” patio behind the garage.

Planting is minimal: a few sages for color and a variety of dog-resistant sedges.